I have designed two specific products at this point with my material, one is a case for AirPods and the other is a wallet. Both products were designed and made with the same Ecodesign principles of Neflium for example, avoiding the use of glue, paint, toxic chemicals or components. On the other hand, I tried to make useful objects but with an elegant aesthetic appearance.
These objects are commonly fabricated in animal leather, which uses a lot of water and toxic chemical in its production and causing a tremendous environmental impact. What I’m trying to achieve is to design a collection of objects to replace common use disposable products that are made with toxic and long-term degradable materials.
I used handcraft techniques of leather working combined with digital fabrication strategies to fabricate products, combining the best of both approaches. At the end, the resulting objects have more environmental and design values than common use products made with leather or plastic.
Neflium it’s a noble material that has clear applications for fashion, furniture and design. The next phase is to use to fabricate bigger objects with complex geometry.

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